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It is for long time i not manage and visit this blog, but what i really suprise is i have visitor, yes of course not mutual friend but some one might google to search interesting article...currently i like to go vacation ..almost every month, so i think why not i share it with u all for those want to know about cheap travelling and malasyia...hhh btw so hard to me write in english....and sorry for my poor english ..currently i workhard to improve english but still hard, is ok i will try my best...hhh..poyo tak..penat tul nak taip dan fikir in english..means we used rojak bahasa lah nih kan..bukan pe because so many yang in into my blog it is outside malaysia ( of course tak segajakan)..because of google. Oklah see ya...call me nonoi

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Former Host Cities Were Changed by the Olympics

London has had a major overhaul in the run up to the 2012 Games. But how has hosting the world’s biggest sporting event changed other host cities over the years?
London memperuntukkan sejumlah besar untuk menjalankan games 2012 untuk nampak gah dengan mencantikkan bandarayanya tambah kemudahannya. Bukan London sahaja tetapi terjadi juga kepada negara penganjur sukan terbesar ini, dimana sukan merubah bandar mereka.

1. Beijing; hosted 2008


Four years ago the Chinese capital wowed the world as 31 stunning new venues were unveiled for the Olympic Games. It inspired the country’s sportsmen and women, as they helped China top the medals table, winning 51 golds. Further, there were 38 world and 120 Olympic records set. The National Stadium – also known as the Bird’s Nest – now stands as a monument to the Chinese efforts and, alongside the other venues, provides a benchmark for all other Olympic Games to be measured against.
2. Greek ; hosted 2004
The Greeks spent £10 billion on their capital hosting the Games but were not so forward thinking about the event’s legacy. Many of the 22 venues they built were abandoned once the 2004 Games were over and brand new stadia are now mothballed and derelict, strewn with litter and graffiti. However, there were some improvements – an updated metro, a tram along the waterfront, improved roads and a new airport.
3. Australia ; hosted 2000
Former wastelands, ugly industrial estates and abattoirs were converted into functional sporting facilities for the Olympic Games 12 years ago. Australia’s medal total went up from 41 to 58 when Sydney hosted the event, and stayed beyond its pre-Sydney level at Athens with 49 medals. The image of Australia was hugely enhanced by the Games and in 2009 the city hosted the World Masters Games, where 28,000 mature athletes competed in 28 sports at 72 venues over the course of two weeks.
4. Atlanta, America ; hosted 1996
Though 1996’s event, held in Atlanta, the ‘capital’ of the southern states of America, is often thought of as an oppressively commercial Games, its legacy is tangible. Atlanta revels in its Olympic City status and the famous Olympic rings are ubiquitous. Centennial Olympic Park plays host to millions of visitors every year as well as several events, including a popular music concert series in the summer and an annual Independence Day concert and fireworks display.
5. Barcelona, Sepanyol ; hosted 1992
The Spanish city’s coastal area was transformed for the 1992 event and the nation’s athletes secured more medals (22) than it had achieved in all previous Olympic Games combined. As part of the huge regeneration programme the Olympic Village was built and two miles of beach installed. Barcelona’s makeover allowed Spain’s trade and tourism to boom.
6. Seoul, South Korea ; hosted 1988
Seoul 3
The South Korean city may have been a controversial choice but the Games made a huge profit of £185 million. Four years earlier South Korea’s medal total had been 19; in Seoul, it moved up to 33. There is little doubt that the Seoul event was successful on almost every count, including trade and tourism for this previously isolated country. In addition, one of Seoul’s legacies to the Olympic Movement was a new Olympic flag.
7. Los Angeles ; hosted 1984
Los Angeles
The LA Olympic Games produced a massive £136 million profit and, while part of this went to local youth programmes, the bulk of it went to the United States Olympic Committee, to be deployed to the advantage of the US’s Olympic interests to the present day. Also, it allowed the LA84 Foundation to commit more than £125 million to help an estimated two million boys and girls, and over 1,000 youth sports organisations throughout Southern California.
8. Moscow, Rusia ; hosted 1980
For the one and only time in the history of the Olympic Games, an Eastern European city was granted the honour of hosting the Games. It had a positive effect: the Russian capital’s redevelopment thawed Western feeling towards the country. The venues that were built are still used today and the city’s unsuccessful bid to host the 2012 Games centred on using many of the same buildings.
9. Montreal ; hosted 1976
The Olympic Games were a financial disaster for Montreal and the city faced debts for 30 years after the Games had finished. In December 2006 the Olympic Stadium's costs were finally paid in full – the total expenditure (including repairs, renovations, construction, interest and inflation) amounted to £1 billion. Also, despite its huge cost, the stadium is devoid of a major tenant.
10. Munich ; hosted 1972
Following Munich’s event in 1972, the city’s Olympic Stadium became the home of football team FC Bayern Munich, with their rival TSV 1860 Munich moving in during the 1990s. These two teams coexisted in the Olympiastadion until 2005, and since then it has been the host of a yearly air and style snowboard event.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 New Cities For Shoppingholic

1.Haneda Airport Tokyo, Japan

Best for Hello Kitty memorabilia

Haneda Airport Tokyo, Japan(Photo: Sanrio.com)

This may seem a strange entry but any avid collector knows that their love know no bounds - whence there is merchandise, there they shall go. The Hello Kitty Japan store at the airport has one of the largest varieties of feline memorabilia anywhere in the world, and it's all officially licensed Sanrio products.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

Best for Middle Eastern bric-a-brac

Marrakech, Morocco(Photo: Michael Runkel, Robert Harding World Imagery for Corbis)

Since its starring role in Sex & The City 2, souks, the Middle Eastern equivalent of a market, have been gaining immense popularity. Shoppers can delight in finding everything from carpets to camels and love potions on sale. It's best to begin at Rue Souk Smarine before wondering off to Souk el Attarine for spice, pottery and textiles, and Souk el Kebir for leather bags, carpets and traditional Moroccan clothes.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Best for luxury under one roof

Dubai, United Arab Emirates(Photo: Gavin Hellie, Robert Harding World Imagery for Corbis)

The desert city is all about the extremes and the shopping equivalent of this is found at the Mall of Emirates. The largest mall outside of North America, there is more than 520 international prestige brand stores on the directory. To cap things off, there's also an indoor ski slope and a 5-star hotel within the premises.

4. Hangzhou, China

Best for Chinese arts and rare crafts

Hangzhou, China(Photo: Mike Kemp for Corbis)

The stores on Xinhua Road are famous for artefacts reminiscent of the Ming Dynasty. The swatches of silk, clothes, artwork, and souvenirs are some of the best you'll find, and very reasonably priced. Other places selling similar products include Qinghefang Street (find silk parasols and the iconic big-eared Zhang Xiaoquan sewing scissors here) and Hangzhou Silk Town (encased between Fengqi Road, Tiyuchang Road, Xinhua Road and Jiankang Western Road).

5. Manila, Philippines

Best for cultural artefacts and local furniture

Manila, Philippines(Photo: Paul A. Souders for Corbis)

The capital city of the Philippines is known for its book stores, handicrafts, antique shops and small local speciality shops focused on home decor. Ayala Centre is popular for designer casual wear. Shopping malls litter the city with one at every second block (at least), and if you're looking for souvenirs, these are your best bet.

6. Hanoi, Vietnam

Best for silks

Hanoi, Vietnam(Photo: Thinkstock.com)

The quality of silk that comes from Hanoi is lauded around the world, and the city also produces beautiful embroidered goods and ethnics crafts. Customised silk clothes can be made ready within a day and the best place to find these are at Hang Gai Street and Khai Silk. Try Hong Hoa Hang Dau Street for silver, antique bric-a-brac and local crafts.

7. Jaipur, India

Best for precious and semi-precious stone jewellery

Jaipur, India(Photo: Thinkstock.com)

As the mothership for jewellery of this sort, you'll find pieces at half the price of what you would normally pay in a high street store. While counterfeit products are common, reputable shops like Gem Palace can be trusted for silverware and precious stones. While there, don't miss Johari Bazaar for clothes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The View From Above - Famous Cities

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

1. New York City, United States

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

3.  London, United Kingdom

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

4. Beirut, Lebanon

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

5. Paris, Perancis

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

6. Las Vegas, United States

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

8. Jurusalem

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Breathtaking aerial shots of urban civilisation (© AFP Photo)

10. Sydney, Australia

Monday, March 5, 2012

The world's best bed and breakfast (B&Bs) establishments

An annual ranking of the world's best bed and breakfast (B&Bs) establishments has suggested that the UK offers the best in the world. TripAdvisor revealed the results of its annual Travelers' Choice Awards January 18, with British B&Bs taking eight of the top ten places around the world -- here, a round-up of the winners.
©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

10. Bindon Bottom B&B, West Lulworth, Dorset, United KingdomBindon Bottom B&B is a Victorian country house and is heaven for walkers, situated close to the South West Coast Path which runs along the bottom of the United Kingdom.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

9.The Manor Coach House, Worcester, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
The Manor Coach House offers five guest rooms and adjoining gardens.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

8. One Alloway Retreat, Ayrshire, Scotland
This luxury B&B in Rabbie Burns' birthplace was a new entry on the list.

  ©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

7. Byfield House, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Byfield House is situated in a picturesque English countryside village.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

6. The Green House, Sacred Valley, Peru
The Green House was the highest-ranked non-European B&B.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

5. Kenley Hotel, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom
The Kenley Hotel sits between the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Tower in the popular seaside destination.
©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

4. Casa Portagioia Bed and Breakfast, Tuscany, Italy
Casa Portagioia offers five independent guest bedrooms and two suite apartments, all with luxury bathrooms and air-conditioning.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

3. Riverside Hotel, Ambleside, Cumbria, United Kingdom
The Riverside Hotel, a Victorian B&B, took third spot.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

2. The Old Manse, Invermoriston, Scotland
The Old Manse dropped from last year's top spot to second in the global rankings.

©TripAdvisor (© ©TripAdvisor)

1. The Twenty One, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
The world's best B&B was The Twenty One, a boutique B&B in the coastal city of Brighton which offers some of the amenities seen in luxury hotels, such as flat screen TVs with DVD player, bathrobes and slippers, iPod docks and a full English breakfast -- for rates beginning at £55 (€66).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Image of the week (3)

The stunning shortlist from the UK's biggest amateur travel photography competition

Title: Dancing waves
'A stormy day along the California coast. There's beauty in nature everywhere you go, and luckily in this moment I had my camera to capture it'.

The stunning shortlist from the UK's biggest amateur travel photography competition

Title: Cheetah cub with mother'This cheetah cub was hiding beneath its mother for protection.'

The stunning shortlist from the UK's biggest amateur travel photography competition

Title: Ndebele Smile
'As colourful as the rainbow nation itself, I saw this Ndebele woman sitting outside a shop in Pilgrim's Rest (South Africa). I had always wanted to photograph these beautiful people and thought this was too good a chance up pass up. Once she saw my softbox she burst out in laughter and I was able to capture this image.'

The stunning shortlist from the UK's biggest amateur travel photography competition

Title: Winter in New York
'Central Park captured during a romantic break last Christmas!'

The stunning shortlist from the UK's biggest amateur travel photography competition

Title: Tibetan Buddhism - train to Lhasa
'These novice monks were on their way to Tibet to begin their studies in a monastery outside Lhasa. They were full of fun and mischief. At this quiet moment, however, they were looking out onto the vast Himalayan plateau and seemed to be contemplating what the future would hold for them at the end of this long journey across the roof of the world.'

Friday, January 27, 2012


Glitz, glam and everything sparkly is in abundance in the land of extravagance.

Glitz, glamor dan semua berkilau dengan banyaknya di tanah Dubai

Glitz, glam and everything sparkly is in abundance in the land of extravagance.

Dubai defines extravagance. Everything's always a little over the top here (in the most amusing way, of course) and the city pretty much invented the concept of months long sale festivals.
Now made even more popular following its starring role in 'Sex & The City 2" (movie), the dessert city's identity is one you'll find in no other city. From Maybachs to camels, crumbling alleyways to magnificent malls, Dubai's extremist nature makes every visit completely enthralling.

Dubai mentakrifkan "extravagance". Kini ia terkenal ,walaupun lebih popular berikutan lokasi digunakan di dalam Seks '& The City 2 "(movie), identit bandar pencuci mulut ini adalah anda akan mendapatibandar yang unik yang tiada  dibandar tidak lain. Dari Maybachs kepada unta, runtuh lorong-lorong ke pusat membeli-belah yang mengagumkan, keghairahan Dubai membuat mempromosikan pelancongan menjadikan setiap tempat begitu mempersonakan.