Tuesday, March 22, 2016


It is for long time i not manage and visit this blog, but what i really suprise is i have visitor, yes of course not mutual friend but some one might google to search interesting article...currently i like to go vacation ..almost every month, so i think why not i share it with u all for those want to know about cheap travelling and malasyia...hhh btw so hard to me write in english....and sorry for my poor english ..currently i workhard to improve english but still hard, is ok i will try my best...hhh..poyo tak..penat tul nak taip dan fikir in english..means we used rojak bahasa lah nih kan..bukan pe because so many yang in into my blog it is outside malaysia ( of course tak segajakan)..because of google. Oklah see ya...call me nonoi

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